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Mobility Scooter

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Pick up from the airport

We offer an comfortable pick up from the airport with our special bus. The sungazers bus is make for people who needs a wheelchair or a special seat which helps you to get into the bus very easy. Our goal is to make you happy, so book this service today or let us know what we can do to help.

Rent your freedom

Sungazers Mobility Scooter makes your life easier. We deliver your personal mobility scooter to your hotel, your hostel or any other accomondation. It´s easy and secure to drive. You deserve a wonderful vacation. Book your Sungazers Mobility Scooter today!

Drive with us

You should see and learn what Jamaica makes so special. Sungazers Mobility Scooter Rental is committed to providing tours with everything they’re looking for,. We offer tours to special places or an idividual shopping tours. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Special service for your special needs!

See What We Have

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Bruno Rotating Seat

Sungazers Mobility Scooter Rental has a Bruno Rotating Seat. The Bruno Rotating Seat moves completely out and in of the Sungazers Mobility Scooter Bus.


You sit down on the Bruno Rotating Seat and it automatically lifts you into the bus.

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Wheelchair Lift

Our bus has a wheelchair lift that elevates you and your mobility scooter in and out. The lift works completely electrically and is a safe way to go on tour with us.
With Sunghazers Mobility Scooter you can go shopping and buy all the souvenirs for your loved ones. We drive you to places of interest and to restaurants and bars.

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Mobility Scooter 

Rent your Sungazer Mobility Scooter and we will deliver it to your hotel. They are easy to drive and enrich your vacation in Jamaica. We suggest a transfer or a tour for you.


Our mobility scooters are specially manufactured, certified vehicles that can transport different weight categories.

Be mobile and explore the island. 

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More Helpers

The family would like to go on a trip together, but the grandparents aren´t so good on foot anymore? We can help.

Book a knee scooter or walker now at Sungazers Mobility Scooter rental. Stay flexible and make life easier!

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