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Hotels and Resorts

Wouldn't it be nice to allow another audience to have an incredible stay at your hotel or resort? Many hotels have handicap accessible rooms without knowing it or being able to access them. Your guests can use our mobility scooters on your hotel premises and will report positively about it.

New target group

Reach two other target groups with the service of offering a room with a mobility scooter. On the one hand older people who can no longer walk so well and on the other hand people with limitations.

Rooms for disabled people

Have you ever thought about whether your rooms are handicapped accessible? Would you perhaps only have to change small things, such as providing a ramp, in order to be able to offer these rooms?

Special Pick Up

We pick up your guest directly from the airport. With our Wheelchair Lift and our Bruno Rotating Seat, your guest can easily be driven directly to your hotel. Additional seats for companions are also available.

Improve image

Every guest talks about their vacation and their stay in a hotel or other accommodation. This can also be done online. Wouldn't it be a good image to be accessible and bookable for people with disabilities?

Travel Packages

We can offer whole travel packages together. Pick up from the airport, handicapped accessible room with rental of a mobility scooter. Tours for people with and without disabilities. Everyone should be part of the whole.

Delivery to the hotel

We deliver the suitable mobility scooter to your hotel. The guest can use it immediately upon arrival. We can train your employees at the front desk to explain the service to the guest.

Cooperations_Sungazers Scooters.jpg
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