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About us

Our Story

Sungazers Mobility Scooter Rental was founded in 2018 with one bus and a few Mobility Scooters. The founder worked more than 15 years on a cruise ship and knows exactly what good service means.


He saw guests with special needs and thought about giving these special guests an opportunity to travel to Jamaica. 

He grew up in Jamaica with nothing in his hands and started to work hard to reach his dream of an own house and business. Here we are!

Sungazers Mobility Scooters is growing constantly. We are proud of three buses with a wheelchair lift and Bruno Rotating Seat and 20 Sungazers Mobility Scooters for different weight categories. Not forgetting knee scooters and walkers.

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Answers You Need

Why should you choose Sungazers Mobility Scooter Limited?

We are a registered local limited company. You are supporting a Jamaican business.

All of our vehicles, i.e. the buses and Sungazer Mobility Scooters, are subject to regular technical checks. If there is a technical problem, you will immediately receive a replacement. Your safety and your unforgettable holiday is very important to us. 

What does service mean to us?

We like to maintain personal contact with our customers and are happy to give people with disabilities the opportunity to live and experience Jamaica. For us, service means talking to our customers and getting to know their precise wishes, ideas and needs. We also talk about fears. We want to give you a feeling of security. We will explain to you in detail how to operate your Mobility Scooter and we offer 24 hours service.

What makes us so special?

We are the only provider of this service on the east coast of Jamaica. We are licensed by TPDco (Tourism Product Development Company). All vehicles are registered and our drivers are trained.

And, which is quite untypical for Jamaica: We are on time!

Ambee, GA

“Finally someone offering this service in Jamaica. Excellent!"

Tom, NY

"Very easy to drive. Reliable service and friendly driver.
I was very pleased.."

Catherine, MI

“We had a lot of fun and saw a lot more than without the scooter and the special bus. We will be back!”
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